Synthetic grass is widely used in the modern world. Besides professional usages such as tennis court turf and football turf, artificial grass is also used in homes, offices, schools and other formal areas. This increases the charm of the place and makes it elegant and formal. Many artificial grass manufacturers are in the market with a considerable variety of grass. Tennis turf is made of plastic fibers knitted with a strong and resilient base. Manufacturing machines and raw materials are essential in determining the quality of the turf.

Features of tennis turf:

Tennis court turf differs from other synthetic grass; its composition and structure have different peculiarities. The turf should always be according to the compatibility of the player. Following are some features of tennis court turf;

  • Artificial turf is of an even and hard surface. A soft surface allows the rebounding of the tennis ball, which hinders the game.
  • Turf is usually water-permeable and resistant to fire. It can absorb extra heat.
  • It is stable against UV rays and is not affected by changing weather conditions.
  • The height of the turf is below 20 mm, which helps in avoiding the tennis ball’s rebound ability.
  • It is not slippery and provides necessary friction to the player’s feet and, subsequently, the ball.
  • A sand filling can enhance the anti-slipping feature.

You need to check all the above features before buying the turf to make the best choice.

Fair market value:

Artificial turf has an active market, and many companies make high-quality products. The fair value of artificial turf keeps on fluctuating with the advancements in the product. Artificial turf is a good investment as it is durable and can work in the right state for about ten years. Installation costs are usually added to the total cost along with the service charges.

Customized artificial turf:

You can order the artificial turf of your choice according to your need. You can choose the width and length of fibers while ordering artificial grass carpets. Furthermore, you can cut artificial grass of multiple shapes and sizes. You can instruct the manufacturing company about the turf’s texture, flexibility or rigidity. You will receive the product you ordered; companies also provide guarantees over their products to increase the audience’s trust.

This way, you can choose the best tennis turf for your court by giving precise details of your area and requirements.

Is tennis turf prone to damage in a short period?

Natural grass may get damaged after every match or in a lousy climate. But this is usually not the case with artificial grass; it does not require heavy maintenance. Mere brushing is the only maintenance necessary for its durability. Its fibers are rigid enough to hold their straight upward direction. Running over grass may fold some fibers; you can straighten the fibers by brushing the grass thoroughly.


Artificial grass carpets have an increasing demand in the market and have provided remarkable results. Customers adore the idea of artificial grass as you can use it anywhere, anytime.


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