A compactor machine is one of the most useful equipment in the construction industry. It is a must-have machine if you’re a contractor or want to own a business that rents out such equipment. The article gives an overview of what a compactor machine is all about.

What is a Compactor Machine?

A compactor machine is a machine used in construction. They are used to sweep the place when a construction is going on when clearing large piles of trash. They differ in shape and size as every machine does. It is also powered by hydraulics. The compactor machine was first invented in 1941 when Ms Wells planted the first compactor machine. It was first used to clear large piles of trash. Let me talk about the types of compactor machines.

How Do Compactor Machines Work?

When the compactor machine is in operation, the heavy plate at the bottom moves up and down. This movement causes a build up of pressure on the soil. This action works together with the weight of the plate, resulting in the compaction of the soils. It also uses static to knead the Earth for enhanced compaction. By the time it goes 2 to 4 times on the soil, proper compaction will be achieved.

Types of Compactor Machines

There are three main types of compactor machine:

Flat plate compactor machine

It is mostly found on road laying projects that require slab pouring. It is also used for construction projects that require stable surfaces.

Jumping jacks compactor machine

Also known as rammers easily level cohesive soil thanks to their smaller plates which make it more focused and direct. This type of compact machine can be used where larger compactors cannot. In Ireland this compactor machine is also called Paddy’s motorcycle because of the way operators ride it and handle it like a motorcycle.

Roller compactor machine

They are ideal for cohesive soil. This type of machine is used in asphalt projects. If you’ve ever been around road constructions, it is the most common type of compactor machine in the site. They are very fast and finish the work at hand easier.

Types of Equipment Used on a Compactor Machine

Here are some of the equipment used in a compactor machine.

  • Vibrating plates: This plate is designed to be used by hands.
  • Trench compactor: The machine is used in making trenches. It is designed with two drums. The compactor is designed in a way to allow it make and get into trenches.
  • Tandem rollers: These rollers are designed with two drums. The drums are designed in different sizes, depending on the amount of pressure and weight needed. Like others, the drums vibrate when in motion or they can also be made to oscillate.

Why Use Compactor Machines?

Compactor machines are ideal for construction projects such as driveways or patios. They are used for soil preparation to build foundations of structures. Compactor machines are renowned for their ability to increase the load bearing capacity of a surface.


Compactor machines are the ideal machines for layering the soil. Construction cannot be done without compactor machines. They are a good investment for anyone with construction projects. They come in different sizes and shapes, making them ideal for different types of construction projects.


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