Candle bowls are the best luxury home product that you must buy. Here you’ll get the top 5 product features, prices, colors, and shipping methods that will attract you. Keep reading this article to get awesome information related to candle bowls.

1. Matte Black Concrete Candle Jar Cement Container

You’ll find this product on Alibaba, the biggest eCommerce store, offering home delivery. candle bowls¬†are available in pieces ranging from 1000-4999. Having different cost depend on your order. You can only order in bulk.
Prices start from $0.90 to $1.90.Candle bowls benefits are the supplies giving you a 3-days free coupon up to $US80 “Avail this opportunity”. This product is available in different colors like milky white, light grey, and light brown, and also you order custom color designs.

You can also order a sample for $1.00/piece having a 5*5cm size. Moreover, the size available is 8*8cm, 10*10cm, etc. Customized packaging is offered on minimum order of 1000 pieces and a customized logo is on a minimum of 1000 pieces.
Alibaba supports different shipping methods that include Support Express, Sea Freight, Land Freight, and Air Freight. For this platform, you will get a trade assurance product, an on-time dispatch guarantee, and a refund policy.

2. Frosted Cheap Ceramic Candle Holder Jar with Black Metal Lid

This is an amazing product and looks attractive while placed on your table. You can also buy this product from the Alibaba store, product is shipped from China, Model Number CPM-0619, basically use for home decoration.
One thing that is important in it this item is handmade. Available in different multiple colors. Grey, black, khaki, rose madder, white, light blue, champagne, and more. The price starts from $0.95 to $1.34. The supplier offers a quick refund policy in case of any query under US $1000.

Trade assurance is a verified refund policy, allowing customization for product packaging, graphics including logo, and on-time delivery is guaranteed. Only allow shipping through ARAMEX (Economy) Logistics. You can print letterpress printing, silk screen printing, and UV printing. Sealing used metal or wood cap, ceramic cap. Packaging and delivery available, packaging size is available in 15*15*15cm. The weight for a single packaging piece is just 0.300 kg with a paper carton or pallet package.

3. Cereal Bowl Candle with Spoon Cereal Bowl Candle Soy Wax

This product is also used for home decoration and is only available in Alibaba stores in bulk. Prices start from $4.50 to $9.50 per pack, minimum you will order 12 packs. There is a variety of color designs available almost 39 colors. Supplies offer both customized logos and packaging for this item. Shipping process through Support Express, Sea Freight, Land Freight, and Air Freight.

Also offering trade assurance with an on-time dispatch guarantee and refund policy. The model number is 451, shapes include fruit, animal, stick, flower, tapered, pillar, star, etc. The best time to buy this product is on Christmas, Diwali, back to School, Father’s Day, Eastern Day, Happy New Year, etc.
a minimum of 10 pcs are allowed to order. This item is also used for different events like birthdays, weddings, religious activities, parties, etc. Mostly use of this product are for Christmas, weddings, and Parties’ Birthday. This candle bowl is 100% original with a cereal candle type.

4. Empty candle container white candle vessels

Before buying this product, you can easily watch a video that attracts you more. Starting price range from $0.50 to $1.00, you can only order a minimum of 300 pcs or above. The supplier gives a benefit of US $10 on order, having different colors. If you want to check this sample product, its starting price is$48.00/piece.

Both customized services available for logo and packaging, and shipping methods are Express and Sea Freight. Supplies and Alibaba give you complete protection like trade assurance, on-time dispatch guarantee, and refund policy.


Hope you get all the information related to candle bowl products. Now it is easy for you to choose the best one for home decoration. Buy these products from Alibaba-protected stores. Keep in touch with us for more interesting information about home decoration items.


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